📑 Background 📑
LUCA Plus is a Melbourne based Fintech startup. LUCA Plus automatically populates invoices directly into the accounting platform (XERO, MYOB, QuickBooks) - saving time and money, whilst eliminating invoice fraud.
In order to further expand the product influence, help with digital marketing and establish a complete, positive and modern brand image, the need to design a brand-new website fell on me.

🔎 Identified User Pain Points 🔎
The previous website was developed by Wordpress. The design customization capability was limited so it has many typesetting and image placement issues. Besides, the visual design was outdated and lack of a united brand identity.

🗯 Design Challenges 🗯
A website most often consists of multiple pages. The landing page, login page, and many more. Often, it’s a challenge to make them visually work together.

💡 Solutions 💡
1. Fully hand-coding
We ditch all the no-code web design tools like Webflow and Wordpress. We decide to fully hand- coding the website from scratch. In this way, we can fully customize the UI layout, micro-interaction and so on.
2. Illustration character
Illustration character design resonates more with people and gives more warmth and personality to a website. Having an interesting illustration as a part of the website will surely be more memorable for the visitor, similar to seeing an interesting art piece at a gallery.
3. Animation video
Putting images, videos and other visual elements is necessary to make the website more appealing, to better convey our message to the audience, to give a better explanation of our content.
4. High resolution picture and icon symbols
Since people are truly visual creatures, they generally relate more to something when seeing a visual depiction of it, rather than reading it in the form of text.

                                            👉Check out the live website: 🔗 www.lucaplus.com
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