Year: 2019 | Role: UI /UX Designer

Pets app has great potential in the mobile technology market, since more and more people take pets as their family members and treat them like their kids. Especially, dogs are the most common pet kept in families and the services for dogs are also various and very much needed. However, there is no any mobile application in the market yet to provide dog lovers a social networking platform about dog training experience exchanging and playmates-making. This is the good opportunity to be the pioneer. 

• Choosing and booking a trusted vet and dog salon in the vast Internet can be tiring.
• It is difficult to find a partner or playmate for dogs in the city.
• There is no online social platform for dog owners to make friends, share dog keeping experience.
• Newbie dog owners want dog training and feeding experience from senior dog owners but it is difficult to find known senior dog owners.  

• The app integrates most of the vets and dog salon information with customer comments and review, address, opening hours, estimated service price and contact number for make a booking.
• Online chat and dog breeds searching function help newbie dog owners make a connection with senior dog owners. 

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